How Would You Like To Make At Least N200,000 In Pure Profits Using This Never Before Seen “Eportal Cash Spinner” Business Model?

……You Work From Home, Easy To Start With Very Low “Chicken Change” Capital, All You Need Is A Laptop Or A Phone.


My name is Ibukun Lawal and before I go into the full details of this business let me share with you a brief story of how this BUSINESS AND CHANGED MY LIFE FOR GOOD MAKING ME AS MUCH AS N1,540,000 IN THE SPACE OF JUST 6 MONTHS.


But At First Nobody Believed I Would Make It..

When I started this business some friends mocked the hell out of me. Due to how new this business was, nobody knew I would make it.

I invited most of my friends to join the VTU Business and I was mocked to scorn. They looked at me like an unserious, no vision, human being who was wasting his time in a business that would never work.


They Were Almost Right Because..

As at when I started, the VTU business was very new to Nigeria and I struggled and made a whole lot of mistakes when I started. I was competing with the like of Quickteller who already had big money to spend.


My friends mocked me asking me how I intended to “Lure Customers From Quickteller” to patronise my “shishi, quack Business”. I was told I was wasting my time because they never thought people would ever buy my services when customers   could buy from other big companies and get huge bonuses.


I was mocked, I was told that I was wasting my time. In the beginning I struggled and made nasty mistakes but TODAY I HAVE THE LAST LAUGH


Due to my persistence and consistent personal development I have been able to learn from my mistakes and come out CASHFLOW POSITIVE ON THE OTHER SIDE.


My business is ranked on the first page of google ( and I get a steady stream of customers on autopilot without struggling at all. In a month I make almost N500,000 and I thank God for the opportunity.


This Business Changed My Life For Good….


In the space of 6 months I’ve been able to make at least N1,450,000 and establish my VTU business. All this came from a capital of just N40,000, I work for just few hours daily with this side business and bothering less about waking up and going to work for somebody in the morning.


This is the life you can have for yourself if only you invest in this business. I will show you how to run this business without making that nasty mistakes I made and also teach you how to make money as fast as possible.


Now, Are You Interested In Getting The Full Details Of This Business So You Can Invest In It And Make Life Changing Money From It?


If Your Answer Is A Gigantic Yes, Allow Me To Introduce You To The

Virtual Top Up Business Portal

This is a portal (website solution) where you can render simple business services for customers online and get paid for it. It’s like an online shop where you carry out services for customers and get paid in cash. This business is one of the surest business in which you are guaranteed to recoup your capital in at least the first month of operation…. No Overhead Cost, You Work From Home For Just few Hours Daily...

Now below are the list of services you can render on your VTU Business Portal;

  • Instant Airtime Recharge service for MTN,  GLO,  9MOBILE, AIRTEL
  • Instant Data bundle recharge service for MTN,  GLO,  AIRTEL,  9MOBILE
  • Fast SME data service for MTN
  • Instant Cable TV payment service for Startimes, GOTV/DSTV
  • Instant WAEC result PIN checker.
  • Bulk SMS Service


Now I know you would say.”I’m Not Internet Savvy So Therefore This Business Is Not For Me”. You don’t need to worry about that because this portal would be created for you from scratch. You don’t need to bother about the technical difficulties of building the website.


Now Let Me Give You Reasons Why This Virtual Top-up Business Portal Is Your Best Guarantee Right Now When It Comes To Making At Least N200,000/Month.

  • You Get 4% Discounts On GLO airtime VTU and direct data bundle when you sign up as a portal owner. Instead of paying N100 for airtime you will be charged just N96.
  • You will get 3% Discounts on AIRTEL airtime VTU and direct data bundles. That means if you are buying N1000 worth of data as a portal owner, you will only pay N970 to skyrocket your profit margins.
  • 3% discount on 9MOBILE airtime and direct data bundles
  • 3% discount on MTN airtime and direct data bundles
  • MTN SME data 1GB at N690, 2GB at N1,195, 5GB at N2,995. This is the popular MTN SME data package
  • Low fees on Cable TV subscriptions as low N10 as compared to N100 fee on Quickteller. e.g. You are charged N910 for Startimes NOVA bouquet
  • WAEC result PIN checker as low as N660
  • Cheap and Fast Bulk SMS delivery via 2 GSM routes; Normal route (N1.65kobo per SMS), Corporate route to deliver to DND numbers (N2.90kobo per SMS). The best part is that the routes charge per SMS and not per unit
  • Unlimited user accounts system to set up your own discount and prices for different users. Opportunity to create loads of resellers
  • Wallet based system. Your customers will register with you and pay directly to you to fund their wallets on your website.
  • Airtime API solution for developers to connect with your website which will definitely increase your sales because there a lots of people looking for direct API connection.
  • Flexible and easy customization. You can add your text, upload your own logo and banner images to reflect your brand.
  • Step by step manual on how to operate and administer the portal even if you don’t have a laptop or pc.

You might think that the profits are not much but by the time you are doing 500 sales in a day, you will see sweet money in just few hours of work.


Your business is online and everybody will see it!


Signing up with IBK INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (Network Service Aggregator) owner of MobileAirtimeNG.COM

You get your VTU Portal with;

  • 1 year domain registration and secured hosting with 99% uptime guaranteed
  • Custom SSL certificate to protect your portal from hackers
  • 24/7 email support system with our technical team


If you doubt the authenticity of this VTU Business portal, allow me share portals of people who are benefiting from this business investment.


Seeing these portals, I’m sure you are already eager to start this business and you want to know the next step of the ladder without wasting time.


Before I show you what you need to do next, allow me to show you the FREE BONUSES you will get if ONLY you sign up with IBK INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (Network Service Aggregator) owner of MobileAirtimeNG.COM


BONUS 1: Worth N10,000

 How To Turn Your Facebook Profile Into An ATM Cash Machine 

This course will show you how to market and sell your product using the untapped power of your Facebook account which you normally use for posting pictures everyday.

Your Facebook profile is not just for fun but can be used as a cash producing business.

BONUS 2: Worth N30,000

Telegram Access Mentorship For One Year

To succeed in this business you need mentorship to be able to make profits without making silly mistakes that could destroy your business. Once you sign up for the VTU Business portal you will gain access to the telegram mentorship platform where you will be able to ask questions from me and other people who are successful in this business. This is to make sure that you become successful and recoup your initial capital which you invested.


N5,000 Wallet Bonus To Get You Started

You cannot start with empty pocket!


Now you will get all this once you pay your VTU Business Portal Setup of just N49,999 N39,999


How to Pay

STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of N39,999 into;
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank PLC (GTB)
Account Name: IBK Information Technology
Account No: 010-901-2060

STEP 2: After payment, send an email message (not text message please!) via the contact form containing;
Click here to send your payment details via our contact form

As soon as we confirm your payment, we will acknowledge and commence the development of your website.
Your VTU Business Portal will be setup within 48-72 hours


I’m sure you are kind of skeptical about this offer so therefore I want to remove all the risk from you.


Once you pay your setup fee of N39,999. You will be taken by the hand and shown the step by step process of running this business and recouping your capital back plus extra profits. If you do not get results from this business after the first 2 months of implementing what we will show you. I will refund you your initial capital DOUBLE which is N80,000, 100% money back guarantee.


But note this offer is not available to everybody. I want to just recruit 15 people into this business opportunity again this October because I want to be able to manage and mentor them until they are successful.

Therefore ACT FAST NOW!



Here are some of the Frequently Asked Question I Receive

Question: Can I change the theme of the website and add more pages without interfering with the VTU Portal?

Answer: Well that depends. If you can use WordPress then I can help you configure it for the front end which would give you the opportunity to do any web stunt you want to do on the website without interfering with the VTU Portal. I will also hand over the WordPress Admin details to you. So, when placing order, you will need to specify that you want a WordPress installation. Please note that the WordPress installation will not give you the privilege to edit the VTU solution/portal but just your front end.


Question: How do I load funds to my VTU Business Portal

Answer: It is easy and detailed in the step-by-step manual. It takes less than 5 minutes to load your wallet.


Question: Will I have access to the Cpanel of my VTU Business Portal?

Answer: Unfortunately, No. This is for security reasons and periodic updates.


Question: How is the maintenance and renewal of the VTU Business Portal done?

Answer: We maintain the VTU Business Portal and you do not have to pay for maintenance. You only pay for the yearly renewal of your domain, hosting and SSL certificate at N15,000/year.


Question: How do I resolve other technical issues on my website and with my customers?

Answer: There is a dedicated 24/7 email support system at the back end of your VTU Business Portal to help you resolve issues. Just hit the Contact Support!


If you are reading this post, you can either do 2 things.

Either you give this business opportunity the benefit of the doubt by signing up and reaping the HUGE PROFITS


You call this offer BS and move on. If you do this, you risk missing out on a very rare lucrative business opportunity that would have changed your life…..YOUR SUREST PATH TO MAKING MILLIONS THIS YEAR.

If you do this, you might end up ending the year with so much money worries and bills staring at you without you being able to settle them.

You risk being broke at the end of the year when your friends would be thanking God for a profitable year all these simply because you missed this opportunity.

I pray that this will not be your portion therefore take full advantage of this opportunity by joining the business today




The Choice is Yours but I am sure you will be wise.

Sincerely Yours,

IbukunOluwa Lawal
Web Solutions Business Developer (WSBD)

Do you have any question on the VTU business? Feel free to contact me via any of these channels.

Call/SMS: 081-2849-6819 (Mon – Sat, 9am – 3pm)

Email: Contact via the form below (24/7)

Office Address: IBK Information Technology, Beside NIPCO filling station, Irona, Ado-Ekiti