When I started…

My friends laughed at me when I told them that I was into VTU Business but their laughter turned to amazement when they saw my business directly on the first page of Google.

My name is IbukunOluwa Lawal. In 2014, I invited some of my friends to join the Virtual Top Up (VTU) business but they looked at me like an unserious person, someone with a poverty-stricken mentality.

Hey! Ibukun why waste your valuable time doing this kind of ‘shishi’ business?
Who will buy VTU airtime when there are lots of people selling recharge cards?
Blah blah blah!

Today, the game has changed! All glory to God!

My online VTU platform ranks on the first page of Google!


Go to Google and type ‘Virtual Top Up Business in Nigeria’

You should see MobileAirtimeNG.com and VTUARENA.com


I get automatic and organic traffic directly from Google on daily basis and that’s cool business.


I do not have to compete with Quickteller and the likes. I just sit down jeje dey do my own business.


But, was it easy?

No! I lost money on different services and providers. Infact, there was a time my platform almost crashed and I lost customers!


But I sailed through…

I was able to build my own service aggregator and business picked up again.


Interestingly, VTU has now gone beyond airtime top up.
We now have data bundles top up, SME data share, cable Tvs payments, electricity payments etc


Do you know what this means?

More income opportunities for VTU business owners


Do you know what the banks have done?

All the banks have joined this so called ‘shishi’ business and they are making BIG money because they have a whole lots of customers.


If you tell me that you don’t know that the banks now sell airtime top up (VTU) then you do not belong to this generation.


Well, whether the banks are doing it or not, this does not stop you from doing this business if you are interested.

So, would you like to start your own profitable VTU business right from the comfort of your home?

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